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Single and Three Phase Systems

The single-phase system is a circuit made only of an electric phase and a neutral, which has a potentiating conductor called “earth”, they are used in large scale in small motors, in lighting and domestic equipment.

The three-phase system is a three-phase circuit composed of three alternating voltages, where the electric energy is transmitted through the composition of the three voltage signals.

The transmission of electric energy is achieved through a system of transformers and electric conductors, which are called transmission lines, which transmit the generated electric energy.

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Thanks to the study and the invention of Nikola Tesla and to the technological advance, when the system of transmission of energy of long distance appeared, was used the system alternated for the tensions and currents, which allowed the transport without great losses, to the point of not making possible the process.

For the generation of alternating voltages and currents, synchronous or induction generators are used, which could provide any number of alternating voltages and currents, lagging behind each other depending on the generator construction.

The advantages of the three-phase system over the single-phase system are many.