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Operation of Electric Machines

It is worth stressing that the fundamental concept on which the electromagnetic motors are based refers to a significant mechanical force across the wire at the instant at which electric current immersed in a magnetic field is conducted. An electric motor or an electric actuator consists of any device whose function is to transform electrical energy into mechanical energy. Reverse conversion of the mechanical movement into electric energy is performed through a generator or a dynamo. In some cases the two devices may differ only in their application and in small details of projection. Traction motors used in locomotives perform both functions if the locomotive is equipped with dynamic brakes.

Therefore, this application can usually also be performed on electrodiesel trucks. Most electrical machines baldor RM3115 act through the interaction between electromagnetic fields, however there are engines that are based on different electromechanical phenomena, such as electrostatic forces, for example. This type of motor is the most used of all, since it can combine the advantages of electric energy, such as low cost, ease of transport and control, cleanliness, simple construction, great versatility of adaptation to loads of various types and still , better yields.