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Core Categories

If it is an inductor with ferromagnetic core, it is projected from a ferromagnetic element, resulting, by this factor, in a relatively greater inductance, however, and may also result in possible losses.

The greater inductance refers to the material, considering that it is able to concentrate the magnetic field in a better way. Thus, the inductors can be identified by determining the different constructional specifications of each model. When referring to the main categories of inductors found, it is possible to highlight the inductor that has an air core. In the case of the laminated core, it can be used in inductors with reduced frequency, as well as in transformers.          gates

The smaller inductors are designed to be exposed to high frequencies, and can be produced from a wire passing through a ferrite cylinder. The inductor that presents air core does not need the use of ferromagnetic element in the nucleus. It may have relatively low losses, resulting in a high frequency. The air core has low inductance and is indicated for use with high frequencies, being formed by steel-silicon strips, surrounded by insulating varnish.