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Comparisons between a combustion engine and an electric motor

When a combustion engine is accelerated, a butterfly is allowed to enter a larger amount of air to combine the fuel and thus perform a larger blast and thus more power is given to the engine.

In the electric motor, in turn, it is fundamental to control the amount of electric energy that is sent to the electric motor, because the higher the frequency, the faster the electric motor will rotate and the lower the frequency, the slower the electric motor Will rotate.


Until very recently, the electric motor was heavy and bulky, but with the passage of time, the electric motor has been decreasing considerably, since already has in the market small electric motor with the same power of a conventional 1.6 engine.

If a comparison is made with the size of the engine that is in any car with the electric motor, the difference is astounding because even though it is smaller, the electric motor has more torque than a combustion engine.