Currently, the machines produced do not originate energy, having as function to convert different types of energy to enable its operation. Because of the need to preserve the ozone layer from the emission of polluting gases, electric motors need to be applied in different types of motor vehicles, always with the purpose of saving energy, and consequently, saving the environment.

Some gaseous pollutants, such as carbon dioxide, released by exhaust from factory chimneys and motor vehicles, have a worrying ozone depletion capacity.

The correct operation of the motors that run from the electricity is based directly on principles of electromagnetism, since the conductors found in a magnetic field and crossed by an electric current undergo the action of a mechanical force, called torque.                   710354-004-17500

The motors are types of machines whose main function is to convert electric energy into mechanical energy, considering that the most commercialized and among the various types exist, is electric, through the question of simple transportation, low cost, easy cleaning and simplicity of command, besides being machines of simple projection and adaptation to different loads.