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An increase in power of the electric motors is due to the development of enamelled conductors, papers or synthetic insulation films, magnetic plates, aluminum alloys and plastic materials have notably contributed to the reduction of the weight ratio by the power of these machines. Observing the weight of an electric motor of the same power over time, we can see that the current engine is only 8% of its predecessor’s weight in 1891.

Examples are the tiny motors that drive computer hard drives, the wide variety of motors that power appliances, and the giant motors that drive pumps, compressors, fans, mills, extruders and many other applications. Comparing the data of catalogs of different manufacturers from different times, we can verify that there was a reduction of weight and, consequently, reduction of the constructive size of the engine for the same power, of approximately 20% every 10 years, except the last two, in which the reduction was less pronounced. reelcraft S601013-100

It is clear that there is a need for periodic revision of the standards to adapt the relationship between powers and carcasses to the sizes achieved through technological development. This technological evolution is mainly differentiated by the development of new insulation materials that support higher temperatures. Today electric motors are present in virtually every industrial, commercial and residential facility.

Effective Performance and Performance

When purchasing an electric machine, if no specification is duly informed to the purchaser, it automatically means that it has been manufactured so that it can operate at an altitude limited to one thousand meters above sea level, and at an ambient temperature, which can vary between 20 ° C negative and 40 ° C positive. It can be said that other variations of the ambient conditions, in which the engine is exposed in the moments in which it is acting, must be included in the nameplate of the same. Other components need to be changed at the time the ambient temperature is different from the indicated ambient temperature.

It is of extreme relevance that the site, in which the installation of the engine will be carried out, has satisfactory conditions that allow the air renovation, considering the order of one cubic meter per second for each 100 kW or fraction of engine power. If they are ventilated type motors, which do not have their own fan, the ventilation required for this motor is the responsibility of the equipment manufacturer. If there is no specification of the minimum air speed between the motor fins inserted in the nameplate, the values ​​indicated by the manufacturer must be followed. https://www.mrosupply.com/tensioners-and-idlers/154778_rt1001-h_fenner-drives/