Electric motor car with only less polluting when the energy used to recharge it is clean

The electric car will pollute less or more compared to conventional car, but this will depend on the source of energy that feeds and can be either the electric motor as the conventional engine.

If the electricity used to charge the electric motor to come to a socket that receives power from a coal or oil plant, the pollution generated will be much lower than the conventional engine pollution generated.

If the energy used to recharge the electric car of the electric motor comes from a hydroelectric plant or natural gas the environmental impact will be less. but if the power capable of recharging the electric motor comes from renewable sources such as wind, solar or even nuclear, gas emissions will be even lower than when compared to a car that has an engine combustion.

Another point to consider is regarding the battery used to send power to the electric motor, for the production of which is extremely polluting and its life is low and need to be replaced with some frequency. https://www.mrosupply.com/bearings/spherical-roller-bearings/322628_22215-ekc3_skf-bearing/