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Electric motor vehicles

The automotive sector has also undergone changes in recent years with the arrival of the electric motor, but this engine could not impact so heavily impacted as well as in other segments. There are few vehicles on the market that use electric motor in order to function, much still remains with the traditional operation done through fuel.

The purpose of the implementation of the electric motor in the automotive segment was able to offer the operation more economical and less harmful to the environment. This goal has been achieved, but there is still interest and new projects of the manufacturers in order to produce new vehicles with this technology to end users.

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The price of vehicles with electric motors is reasonable, that is, the value is not so high and not so accessible. In the remaining wait details so we can be aware if any automaker will bring vehicles and invest in this segment may be so, but can also be no.

Regenerative braking the electric motor

Regenerative braking the electric motor causes car batteries to return energy consumed

The car with electric motor has regenerative braking. This factor is important because the electric motor can also function as a power generator. The electric motor is used as a generator when the car’s braking process occurs and the output that is produced is used to recharge and thus the electric vehicle then returns the energy expended for your system.

During the period in which the electric motor dodge px120 paraflex is subjected to the braking process, the electric motor connections are modified to make it operate as a power generator.

How to drive a car with electric motor is more enjoyable because this car model lacks both clutch pedal nor with driving case and even in the city as in situations where you need to make a higher acceleration will not be attention must be redoubled the gearbox.