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Electric motor in home appliances

The implementation of the electric motor appliance is a novelty that made all the difference for the segment. As this implementation was possible to offer a more efficient and more economical product, not neglecting to mention the duration. No wonder that this segment has undergone great changes over the years.

There are several models of appliances that we use very often and make use of these machines to operate. It is always good to know so we can understand the great use of motor segments which often unknown.

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The function of this engine in the appliance is the same as in other segments, it will receive power and make the transformation to mechanical energy. Mechanical energy is responsible for making the drive or performance of the product activity. It makes all the difference when using the electric motor at different segments, this because it can offer many other benefits that most machines do not offer.

Understand how the four electric motor coils work

The electric motor of direct current account in its composition with four terminals which are accessible with: two for field coils and two armature coils. In the electric motor of low power, field coils are changed by magnets which are permanent, but that this substitution is made is necessary that the low-power electric motor has only two terminals.

The basic operation of the DC electric motor CEM2543T is based on the mechanical force that is on the conductor which is immersed in a magnetic field, when it runs on electric current.

The coil 1 of the electric motor, the forces are opposite but equal and make no force so that there is rotation, but the reels 2, 3 and 4 of the electric motor have a Fx torque that is responsible for making the rotor the electric motor has impulse to turn.